Automotive Mechatronics Project

Vision: Develop Cameroon into an automotive maintenance country.

Mission: Participate to the emergence of Cameroon

Objectives: Master and make automotive mechatronics technologies accessible to all.


Set up a cooperation platform between:

  • Ostfalia University (Germany)
  • University of Dschang (Cameroon)

Decision indicators

  • 50 students trained / year
  • 3 teachers trained / year (Trainers’ training through teaching for teaching)
  • 1 seminar organised / year

Date lines / Stages:

  • June 2014: Diaspora contacts, Ostfalia University, Volswagen, CIM, Lucas Nülle
  • July 2014: Project elaboration for the training program, working session with CIM
  • September 2014 – September 2015: Program presentation at U. for validation, purchase of equipments, admission of students, installation of equipments, etc.
  • September 2015: Begin of the courses in DUT Automotive Mechatronics. (DUT = Diplôme Universitaire de Technology)

Ressources / Financing:

  • University of Dschang
  • Ostfalia Unuversity (nature)
  • CDN-G

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